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Payment Options

Payment Options at Orientdeal.com 

Payment methods available in Orientdeal.com include:

 1. Paypal payment way: You can send money by paypal directly online.

A: When you settle payment by paypal, For security reason, it is our company policy the your paypal account status must be registered and verified. If your paypal account is not verified, it will influence the order processing time, we will send email to request our customer to make verify the paypal account status.

There are 3 kinds of paypal status
A. Unregistered------------Need to registered and verified the paypal account 
B. unverified-----------Need to verify the paypal account
C. verified---------------it is ok and we will arrange the order at once
Refer to how to verify the paypal account, please kindly see below paypal link for your reference.
It will show you how to verify your paypal account
Verification increases the security of the PayPal network. Verified members have successfully completed PayPal's Verification system to establish their identity with paypal. The Verification process varies by country or region.You can contact your local paypal about it. After the verification, please let me know then we can arrange the order accordingly.

If you do not want to show paypal to verify your account, you can send the below scanned copies by emai to us. We just want to confirm the information.
A. Your Identity Certification (such as ID card / Passport / Driver License)
B. The front of your credit card showing your full name and the last four digits of the credit card ID. (All other data can be blanked out)
A: For paypal payment way, we can only ship to the person who make payment to us. So the order shipping address must be same with paypal account shipping address.
B: When you make payment by paypal, If the order is not placed in your own country, we need to double check with you for the acutal reason, then we can arrange after receiving your reply.

 2. Paying with Bank to Bank Wire Transfer (T/T)

Below is the information you need for the bank transfer:

Bank Name: HSBC Hong Kong
Bank Address:No.1 Queen’s Road Central Hong Kong
Account Number:801-019597-838

Important Notice: When making payment by TT, please ensure you send us an email to service@orientdeal.com to confirm your payment . Please kindly write your order number in the title of the email, your first and last name in the body of the email , together with your money transfer reference number.
Bank Transfer Fees
- Is paying by bank transfer free of additional fees?
Orientdeal won't charge you any extra fees for paying by bank transfer. However, banks usually charge you for bank-to-bank transfers.

You may have to pay a fee when the money is sent to our bank account.

As such fee is your responsibility, please kindly ask your bank to provide you with clear sum details so you can add enough money to your account when you make payment. For example, if you are paying for a Orientdeal order of $500, the bank will charge $17,5 to transfer, please make the paymet of $517,5 for the transfer. If you only make payment $500, the payment that arrives with us (in this example) will only be $482.5 and we won't be able to send your full order.

3. Western union payment way

If you want to make payment by western union, please kindly make order first and then we will send you our westernn union account information to your email address.

Thanks again for your shopping on www.Orientdeal.com  

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